Umair Ali Khan
Umair Ali Khan

About me in short

Hello dear,

My name is Umair Ali Khan founder of the Umair Khan Academy channel on YouTube since 2017. I am a Professor of chemistry with more than 17 years of teaching experience in well-known institutes. Besides my specialized subject Chemistry, I also got certificates in the Pedagogical approach in teachings.

My Story

I started my journey by taking an aim to provide quality education for free to those students who are living in remote areas of my country Pakistan and are not able to get quality education. I got success and in only two years I educate more than 15000 students from not only my country but neighbours are also included i.e. India, Bangladesh and a few states from UAE, UK and US, where my local language can be understood. Initially, I made videos in the Indian-Pakistani language to deliver my knowledge but now I am starting a new horizon and extending my teachings in the English language too, as now my website has much great content in English in the form of written posts, videos, quick answers, quizzes, entrance test preparation relevant to O-level, A-level, GCSE, IGCSE, FBISE, Punjab-BISE and University requirements. 

For YOU💖 and I😊

This website is for you if you are interested to know anything relevant to Science in all fields. Science is my love and I think it is not only about knowing subjects like chemistry, physics, biology, English, math etc but how to study, how to teach, how to learn, how to manage, how-to guide, what is this, what is that? … It means a full package to understand and take the full concept of every question ticking in the brain.

Thank you for reading and understanding me. I hope you’ll always show love for me like this and make a strong bond with this educational website. I always welcome you and your suggestions to improve me. 

Regard: Umair Ali Khan