NMDCAT Practice test + Notes Chapter #10

Carboxylic acid + Macromolecule is the syllabus of today for the NMDCAT practice test and discussion. It is chapter 10 according to the KIPS syllabus.

Carboxylic acid + Macromolecule, NMDCAT Chemistry through practice test and discussion.

Other chapters with their practice tests are also available. Click on the button All Practice Tests and MCQs mentioned above. MCQs of chapter 10 and its practice test are given in this post. (Discussion will be available soon)

The general formula CnH2nO2 could be for open chain
A. Carboxylic acid
B. Diols
C. Diketones
D. Dialdehyde

Answer: A

One of the following compounds reacts with its oxidation product (oxidation that involves no carbon loss gives a sweet odour liquid.
A. Propanal
B. 1-Propanol
C. Propanone
D. Propanoic acid

Answer: B

Which of the following carboxylic acid will be the product of hydrolysis of ethyl ethanoate
A. Propanoic acid
B. Butanoic acid
C. Ethanoic acid
D. Methanoic acid

Answer: C

Which of the following carboxylic acid has the lowest pka value
A. Formic acid
B. Acetic acid
C. Propionic acid
D. Butyric acid

Answer: A

The common name of propane-1, 3-dioic acid is
A. Oxalic acid
B. Aromatic acid
C. Malonic acid
D. Fumaric acid

Answer: C

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