NMDCAT Chemical Bonding Chapter # 6

Chemical Bonding NMDCAT Chemistry Preparation. It is chapter 6 according to the KIPS syllabus.

Online NMDCAT Chemistry Preparation Chapter 6

Other chapters with their practice tests are also available. Click on the button All Practice Tests and MCQs mentioned above. MCQs of chapter 6 and its practice test are given in this post. (Explanation will be available soon)

All of the following have almost similar bond angles except
A. C6H6
B. BF3
C. NH4+
D. C2H4

Answer: C

Which of the following species contains an sp-hybridized carbon atom
A. Hydrogen cyanide
B. Propyne
C. Vinyl Alcohol
D. 1,3-Butadiene

Answer: A

In which of the following central atom can form a dative bond with NH3
A. MgCl2
B. PH4+
C. BH3
D. CH4

Answer: C

All of the following pairs have the same bond angles except
A. BH3 and AICI3
B. NH4+and SiCl4
C. BeCl2 and CO2
D. NH3 and NF3

Answer: D

Which of the following is the correct bond energy order?
A. F-F > CI-CI
B. CI-CI > F-F
C. Br-Br > I-I
D. I-I > F-F

Answer: B

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