Stoichiometric calculations are made when
A. Reaction is irreversible
B. No side reaction occurs
C. Law of conservation of mass and law of definite proportion are obeyed
D. All of these

Answer: D

Conceptual Answer

Number of electrons in 1.7g of OH are
A. 1.2 NA
C. 2.2 NA
D. 3.3 NA

Answer: B

Conceptual Answer

Yield which reflects the efficiency of a reaction
A. Actual yield
B. Theoretical yield
C. %age yield
D. All these reflect efficiency of reaction

Answer: C

Conceptual Answer

Gas molecules are about _____far away than their diameter
A. 100 time
B. 200 time
C. 300 time
D. 400 time

Answer: C

Conceptual Answer

The value of ‘n’ in determining molecular formula is obtained from the relation
A. Molecular formula mass/Empirical formula mass
B. Empirical formula mass/Molecular formula mass
C. Molecular formula mass/Empirical formula mass *100
D. Empirical formula mass/molecular formula mass * 100
Answer: A

Conceptual Answer

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