16g of unknown gas has a volume of 11.2dm³ at STP. Unknown gas is
A. CO₂
B. CH4
D. 02


Conceptual Answer

From the following equation, which relationship can be studied
2H2 +02 —> 2H2O
A. Mass-volume
B. Mole-mass
C. Mass-mole
D. All relationships can be studied

Answer: D

Conceptual Answer

Theoretical yield is always less than actual yield because
A. Some product is lost in the experiment
B. Reversible reaction may occur
C. Errors are made in weighing the reactant or products
D. The given statement is not correct

Answer: D

Conceptual Answer

The molar volume of SO₂ at RTP is
A. 24dm³
B. 22.4dm³
C. 22.4cm³
D. 100dm³

Answer: A

Conceptual Answer

The Avogadro’s constant is the number of
A. Atoms in 1g of He
B. Molecules in 35.5g of chlorine gas
C. Electrons needed to deposit 24g of Mg
D. Atoms in 24g of Mg


Conceptual Answer

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