The empirical formula of organic compound is CH2O and molecular mass is 60g/mol. What is the molecular formula?
A. C6H12O6
B. CH3-CH3
D. C2H6O

Answer: C

Conceptual Answer

56g of Fe reacts with 24g of oxygen to produce Fe2O3. Which one is limiting reactant
A. Fe
B. 02
C. Fe2O3
D. Both are consumed completely

Answer: D

Conceptual Answer

The largest number of molecules are present in
A. 3.6g of H2O
B. 4.8g of C2H5OH
C. 2.8g of CO
D. 5.4g N2O5

Answer: A

Conceptual Answer

The mass of one carbon atom is
A. 12amu
B. 12/NA
C. 2×10-23g
D. All of these

Answer: D

Conceptual Answer

Number of electrons in 1.6g of methane
A. NA / 2
C. 12NA
D. NA/5

Answer: B

Conceptual Answer

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