Online NMDCAT Chemistry Preparation Chapter 2 (Atomic Structure)

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The mass of one mole of the proton is approximately equal to
A. 1.0073 amu
B. 1.008 g
C. 1.0087 amu
D. 1.6726 10-24 g

Answer: B

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A photon of greater wavelength will have
A. Greater frequency
B. Greater energy
C. Smaller wave number
D. Greater wave number

Answer: C

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λ of indigo colour is 400nm approximately. The wave number of the above-mentioned colour will be.
A. 400 x 10-9m-1
B. 2.5 x 10+6 m-1
C. 2.5 x 10-5 m-1
D. 2.5 x 10-4 m-1

Answer: B

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When an atom goes into an excited state it violates
A. Auf Ban principle
B. Hund’s rule
C. Pauli’s exclusion principle
D. All of these

Answer: A

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The probability of finding an electron at the nodal plane is
A. 1%
B. 5%
C. 95%
D. 0%

Answer: D

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    1. Hifsa Pervez

      Shapes of orbitals were explained by magnetic or azimuthal quantum number? Answer below the question is given magnetic quantum number but in the explanation video of this question answer is given azimuthal quantum number.

      1. Umair Ali khan

        Azimuthal. The discussion has correct answers. Please mention the question number, therefore, it is corrected.

  1. Haseeb UR Rehman

    In ethanol and methanol, which has greater hydrogen bonding?

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