Online NMDCAT Practice test Chapter # 8

NMDCAT practice test and discussions for Chemistry Preparation. (Fundamental concepts of organic chemistry + hydrocarbons) It is chapter 8 according to the KIPS syllabus.

Fundamental concepts of organic chemistry + hydrocarbons, NMDCAT Chemistry through practice test and discussion.

Other chapters with their practice tests are also available. Click on the button All Practice Tests and MCQs mentioned above. MCQs of chapter 8 and its practice test are given in this post. (Discussion will be available soon)

Which among the following is not an example of an acyclic compound
A. Ethane
B. Iso-butane
C. Cyclopropane
D. Butane

Answer: C

Correct classification of the given compound Cyclohexene is
A. Aromatic
B. Heterocyclic
C. Acyclic
D. Alicyclic

Answer: D

Correct IUPAC name of the given structure 3-Ethyl-2,3, 5-trimethyl hexane
A. 2,4,5-trimethyl-4-ethyl hexane
B. 2,3,5-trimethyl-3-ethyl hexane
C. 3-Ethyl-2,3, 5-trimethyl hexane
D. All are correct

Answer: C

_______react with water to give aldehyde in the presence of H₂SO4/HgSO4
A. Propyne
B. Ethyne
C. 1-Butyne
D. All of these

Answer: B

Cis isomer is
A. alkeneB. Alkene

C. Alkene D. trans alkene

Answer: C

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